The Beauty of Dartmoor

Wedding couple with staircase and chandelier at Bovey Castle

For me, one of the best things about living in Devon is being so close to Dartmoor. I’m very blessed that the edge of the national park is only two-and-a-half miles from my front door. It’s a special privilege when I’m able to combine my love of Dartmoor with my work – and this year I’ve worked with three couples within the park boundaries.

Valentine’s Day Wedding at Bovey Castle

Dining in style at a Bovey Castle wedding

Normally Tuesday is the least popular day of the week for a wedding, but of course Valentine’s Day is allowed to be an exception. The weather outside was rather ‘seasonal’ and we weren’t able to take advantage of Bovey Castle‘s beautiful grounds. Fortunately the inside of the castle provided a snug setting for an intimate ceremony and reception meal.

Engagement Shoot at Postbridge and Grimspound

All of my wedding packages include a pre-wedding couple photo shoot, or ‘engagement shoot’ as standard. In May I travelled out to the moor with a couple whose wedding I was to shoot in June. First we went to popular spot Postbridge, where a 13th century clapper bridge crosses the East Dart river next to a ‘modern’ 18th century bridge. I gave the couple a chance to relax together, fitting a long lens and moving to a distance: I love natural shots with real, spontaneous emotion. The popularity of the spot meant a bit of work for me in post-production as I removed other visitors from the background!

We moved across to Grimspound for the second part of the shoot. This is the site of a late bronze age enclosed settlement, in a small valley nestled between two tors, and with a view across the open moor to the west.

Engagement Shoot at Venford Falls

Venford Falls Engagement Portrait

Pre-wedding photoshoot at Venford Falls and Venford Brook

At the end of May, in advance of an August wedding, an adventurous couple agreed to trek down a steep hillside to Venford Falls. One of Dartmoor’s secret beauty spots, this double waterfall sits on a brook at the bottom of a pretty wooded valley.

Landscape Photography

Windy Post on Dartmoor

Of course, I don’t need an excuse to combine my love of Dartmoor and love of photography. Sometimes, it’s just for the sake of enjoying the scenery of the moor and capturing its varying atmospheres. This year I’ve visited Haytor for a snowy sunrise,  hiked around Haytor and Princetown, and discovered Windy Post for the first time.

Snowy Sunrise at Haytor


View southwest of Princetown


black-and-white saddle tor and ripon tor

View of Saddle Tor and, its top lost in cloud, Ripon Tor


A Dartmoor Pony in front of Greator Rocks and Hound Tor

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