Nine UK Wedding Statistics and Facts

How does your wedding compare to the ‘national average’? I’ve trawled the web for some wedding statistics to find out the state of marriage in the UK today.

Vicki_and_Neil-0328While this could help you to either go with the flow and do what’s expected, or to break the mould, remember every couple and every wedding are unique. Be yourselves and go with what fits you and works for you on your wedding day.

1. Age to get married

In recent figures, getting married was most popular among 25-29 year olds although the average age to get married for the first time was 32.2 years old for men and 30.2 years for women. We’re getting married older than thirty years ago, when the most popular age group was 20-24 years and the average 25.4 for men and 23.1 for women.

Source: ONS

2. Marriage is getting more popular

After a steady decrease in weddings from 2005 to 2009, over the last few years marriage is actually growing in popularity. In 2012, there were 301,254 weddings in the UK – up over 5% from the previous year.

Source: The Wedding Secret

3. Not Just Saturday Weddings

Saturdays are, of course, the most popular day to get married. However, more than 40% of people get married on a different day of the week. The second most popular day is Friday, with almost 19% of weddings, while Tuesday is the least popular.

Source: The Wedding Secret

4. Getting in Shape

Most brides (84%) and grooms (66%) aim to lose weight or tone up for their wedding days. The efforts to look our best don’t stop there, though, with 37% having their teeth whitened in advance of the big day.

Source: You & Your Wedding

5. How many weddings have …?

Wedding cakeBridal flowers? 93%

Wedding cake? 89%

Professional photographer? 78%

Traditional wedding car? 78%

Wedding insurance? 49% (even though it’s surprisingly affordable)

Professional videographer? 39%

Source: hitched-W.I.F.E.

6. The cost of getting married

Different bridal magazines report different average costs of getting married, reflecting their ranges of readership. Perfect Wedding reports the average as £19,820 – however this does include £4,000 for the honeymoon. Some other pages put the average as high as £30,000.

Source: Perfect Wedding

7. And the dress?

Vicki_and_Neil-0306Few brides felt the need to spend megabucks on their gown, with almost half (45%) spending less than £500, and only 5% splashing out over £2000.

Source: Confetti

8. Traditional Church Weddings?

Currently only 30% of couples are opting for a religious wedding ceremony, and 70% for a civil ceremony. Of the latter, only 15% are in registry offices, with Approved Premises – such as castles, stately homes and hotels – accounting for the majority.

However, even with this background, in 2010 the Church of England reported a 4% rise in couples getting married in their churches compared to the previous year.

Sources: University of Oxford. The Telegraph.

9. Same Sex Marriage

Since legalisation in the UK at the end of March 2014, more than 15,000 same-sex couples have tied the knot – with around half of those being conversions from civil partnerships.

Source: BBC News


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